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No doubt you would’ve heard of Pinterest by now. It is the new darling of the social media world – and here is a staggering fact: the social pinboard recently surpassed Yahoo to become the fourth largest driver of traffic in the world

But what is Pinterest exactly?

Pinterest has over 12 million users and is growing rapidly. While Pinterest is labelled a social networking site (such as Facebook and Twitter) it works on images rather than words. If you imagine a gigantic corkboard on the biggest wall of your house and on it you pin up things you find from magazines, newspapers etc.: recipes, inspirational quotes, birthday party ideas, tattoos, things you want to buy, craft for kids, shoes you like – anything at all that appeals to you. This is basically what Pinterest is, but obviously it is online.

But why is it a good idea for you to have a Pinterest account if you are a business or seller? Well back to the first paragraph - Pinterest “recently surpassed Yahoo to become the fourth largest driver of traffic in the world” – this means if people like something they see (your product) they repin and/or click on it and they are redirected back to the source of the image – your website, blog or store!

Some terms:

“Pin” – basically means you place an image, blog article, recipe,product etc. onto your board. Some websites have “pin it” buttons  otherwise you can install a button which sits on the toolbar below your browser. See here for more information on how to do this.

“Repin” – 80% of images on Pinterest are repined. You can follow people or businesses and what they pin will show up on your ‘recent activity’ page. If you like something they have pinned, you can repin it onto one of your own boards by pressing the ‘repin’ button.

“Follow” – you can follow friends, businesses, blogs, even a complete stranger on the other side of the world! You can follow all their boards or just the ones that interest you. Once you follow someone their pins will show up on your newsfeed, similar to Facebook.

“Boards” – these are the categories you sort your pins into. On Make2Sell’s Pinterest page we have boards such as: gift ideas for teachers, gardening ideas for kids, Up-cycled ideas, Australiana, Our Store Owners and more.

“Group boards” – once you have set up a board there is an option to invite someone else to contribute to your board. You will need to follow each other on Pinterest first, then simply type in their name under “edit board” page.

“Secret boards” – up until recently everyone and anyone could see what you pinned. Pinterest has just introduced the ability to have up to 3 secret boards where your pins cannot be seen by anyone. A great new feature if you want to keep a secret some special project you are working on!

“Business pages” – up until this week there was only one type of Pinterest page, so if you had a business you had to set it up under your personal account. If you want to convert your Pinterest account to a business one click here, tt will only take a few seconds. At this point in time there is not a lot different from a personal vs a business account, but it’s worth getting onboard as this is likely to change in the future. If you want to know more about the where’s and why’s – click here.

Other options on Pinterest include:  “like”, “comment” or “tag” a pin. There is also a Pinterest app for your iPhone.

Truth be told, once you get the hang of the boards and how to pin things – Pinterest is pretty simple. Be warned thoug: Pinterest is very addictive but heaps of fun and also quite inspirational. If you want a little more in-depth look at Pinterest read this article “26 Tips for Using Pinterest for Business.”

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