5 Tips for Facebook

Okay, so you have a Facebook page, you know all about status updates, newsfeeds and posting to a wall… but now you’ve taken the next step in your business and started a Facebook page. Whether you have had a page for a few days or a few years, here are some tips we thought we’d share:

1. Claim a vanity name. So many businesses I come across haven’t taken this very simple step to change their business Facebook URL from some strange Facebook language into something easy to understand and (hopefully) relevant to your business. Log into your Facebook account and then go to: www.facebook.com/username and follow the steps. If the name you want is already in use, you might have to get a little creative!

2. How to change your username. Up until recently Facebook didn’t allow you to make any changes to your business name once your account was created – well now you can! Click here for the easy steps on how to do it – but be warned, you can only do it once!

3. Facebook competitions. You’ve probably heard some rumblings about how Facebook has pretty strict rules in running a competition on your page. Businesses do it ALL the time, “comment here for your chance to win” or “tag yourself for your chance to win” – are technically illegal contests. If you are caught (and while the chances are slim it is still possible) Facebook can suspend or shut down your page. You can use a 3rd party application which are easy and user-friendly but usually cost money. Or you can run the competition from your blog or website and promote on Facebook (promoting competitions on Facebook where you are sending people to another site is perfectly fine). Here is a great article which goes a little more in-depth on the ins and outs of running a competition.

4. Scheduling Facebook posts. Are you going away for the weekend, or simply want a computer-free break for a few days to concentrate on creating? You can very easily schedule posts. Simply go to your status update, write what you want – post a link or picture then have a look below, you’ll see a very little clock. Click on that and you can add a date and time you want your post to appear.

5. Be available! Depending on your business I believe it is necessary to post at least 3 times a week. Some pages I know post 4 times a day but these are big business with lots of relevant photos, news and products to share. You can mix it up with product or sales pitches, new in stock, back in stock or sharing a random photo or picture you like. Ask a question relevant to the time of year such as: when do you put up your Christmas tree? Also make sure you are available to answer likers’ questions, respond to comments and messages. This can be done in a short amount of time but it is important.

We’ll be diving into Facebook a little deeper in further blog posts here on Make2Sell. But if you have any questions for me, please ask away! We’d love to hear from you!

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